Potato and Leek Soup

(This is remembered off the top of my head, so measurements aren't exact - but we didn't measure much along the way anyhow.)

First up, I diced the potatoes and boiled them up in a big pot in the stock - we didn't measure out the stock, we just had enough to cover the potatoes, essentially (with perhaps another inch of stock covering). When the potatoes were nice and soft, we didn't put them through a blender, we just roughly mashed them in their stock.

Clean the leeks and slice them thinly up to the green part. Add these to a hot pan with the onion (diced) and garlic (minced), plus the tbsp. of water. Fry up until soft + add to the potatoes in the pot.

Add your soy milk, salt + pepper, and give the soup 10 minutes or so of simmering to let the flavours mix. Serve up with chive garnish! (If you were inclined, I suppose you could also garnish with a bit of vegan sour cream!)

I really liked this way of making the soup without a blender (like so many recipes i'd looked at called for), because it gave the soup a nice texture.

Adapted from a recipe by stimpson, posted on vegancooking

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