My Favorite Bean Soup

Recipe by: kat c

1 one pound pkg 15 bean mix (at my store it comes with a soup packet of "flavor", throw that away)

Put beans on to soak, after 12 hours drain and keep them in a pot in a warm dark place, rinse and drain 2xday for three days to sprout them. You can cook them after soaking overnight but they won't cause intestinal gas if you sprout them before cooking.

Chop one pound of carrots, 6 or so stalks of celery, 3-5 onions (depending on size). I just whir it up into little bits in the food processor.

Put chopped vegetables in large pot with sprouted beans (I use pressure cooker for 15 minutes). Add water to cover so everything swims nicely when you stir it. Add tsp white pepper and 1 tsp curry powder (adjust seasonings to taste - I have ones add salt, if wanted, at the table rather than to the pot, for salt-avoiding people). Cook until done.

 Puree the soup - I use a "stick" blender right in the pot. If you transfer it into a regular blender to puree, be careful - if soup is hot when put into a blender it will be dangerous unless you do very small batches at a time (ask me how I know this) This freezes well, so I make a large pot of it and have lunches for two weeks out of it.

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