Thai "Chicken" Wrap

Submitted by: Stevie

 baby spinach
 spring mix
 Thai Kitchen's thin rice noodles (vermicelli-style)
 White Wave's seitan in soy sauce, cut into strips
 carrots, cut into thin strips
 grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
 peanuts, chopped
 Thai Kitchen's Lemon Grass Salad Splash dressing
 whole wheat tortillas

 cook rice noodles according to package directions. drain and chill. toss  all ingredients except dressing and tortillas in a bowl. add enough  dressing to moisten filling. put filling in a tub. when time for lunch,  place filling on tortilla and roll up to make a wrap.

 adapted from The Peaceful Dragon restaurant's Thai "Chicken" Wrap (grilled  marinated seitan wrapped in a flour tortilla with vegetables, rice  noodles, peanuts and Thai citrus sauce)
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