Fruit Slurpees

Recipe by: Mary

We make watermelon "slurpees" all summer long.  Ice + watermelon (plus a couple of spoonfuls of water to get it going )in the blender makes a yummy treat.  You don't even have to remove the seeds; they sink to the bottom of your cup.  (And if you do drink a few little bits, whats a little extra fiber anyway...?)  Oranges and other juicy citrus are nice, too.  I also like apples + berries.  

Smoothies are even good if the fruit is starting to get a little old; you don't notice that they're not quite in their prime (like when the watermelon starts to get a little mealy).  But best of all is a mango slush.  Freeze the mango and then blend it with a little ice and a couple of spoonfuls of water.  Decadently creamy. Much better than ice cream!  My kids love it.

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