Fruit Hot Pot

Recipe by: Vegan Handbook
Servings: 6

- Drain enough juice from each fruit to yield about 1 1/2 C liquid.

- Place all the fruit (except raisins or currants) in deep oven proof pot. Add juices, jam, lemon, and cinnamon.

- Blend well with wooden spoon and bake @ 325 degrees or simmer over lowest heat for at least 30 minutes.

- Remove the lemon and cinnamon. Mix in raisins or currants and set aside (covered) until plumped by juices.

- Serve warm topped with slivered almonds if desired. For more tartness, add a few drops or lemon juice.

Note: cooked prunes, peach halves, or pitted cherries can replace any of the fruits, as long as 3 different fruits are used.

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