Breakfast Burrito Beans

Recipe by: Glenna in Texas

I don't know how widely it is available in supermarkets, but we love Bolner's Fiesta Brand Pinto Bean Seasoning.

Place all that in crockpot and cook 4 to 6 hours or all night for breakfast burritos. Adjust cooking time depending on the altitude and hardness of the water you use. My DH likes to include a whole jalapeņo pepper with just one end cut off to let out the flavor. I don't care for jalapeņo that much. When I put that on to cook before going to bed, we certainly don't need an alarm clock !!

The next morning I cook fresh flour tortillas. Each person makes their own breakfast burrito from a combination of the following ingredients: Mashed (refried) beans, oil-free fried (butter gold) potatoes, salsa, chopped onion, chopped peppers.

Glenna in Texas



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